Saturday, December 14, 2013

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Vitamix Blender Free Shipping 06-008671
Vitamix Blender Free Shipping 06-008671
Vitamix Blender Free Shipping 06-008671
New Vitamix 7500 Blender Free Shipping 06-008671
Vitamix Blender Free Shipping 06-008671
New Vitamix 5200 Blender Free Shipping 06-008671

Top 10 reasons to choose the Vitamix lifestyle.

1. Ease of Cooking.

I really, really love my Vitamix.  And our relationship has grown over time.  I make smoothies every morning, using lots of fruit and green veggies.
It's used for dinner, providing hot pasta sauce, soups, sorbet, and dressings.
And when entertaining friends, it makes restaurant quality mixed drinks.

2. Vitamix offers 7 years of support.

When was the last time you bought a small appliance with a 7-year warranty? Any company that will offer that on a product really, truly believes in its product.  Now a true test of the customer service of a company is always: how do they respond when you contact them with an issue?  
When I contacted customer support, a very pleasant woman asked me to describe the problem.  I did, and she said no problem, here’s why this is happening, and here’s what we’re going to do about it. I did not have to mail in my blender or even the part and the new part arrived quickly.  I am thrilled with the service Vitamix provided.
*Note: The 7-year warranty is on all components – the main unit as well as the containers.  However, in order to get the 7-year warranty on any additional containers, you must buy them at the same time as the main unit.  If you buy them later, they come with a 1-year warranty.  Why is this?  It has to do with the registration of the unit with the serial number.  Upon first registration, everything that came with that purchase is included in the 7-year warranty.

3. Healthy Eating.

The amount of healthy fruits and vegetables eaten will increase substantially using the Vitamix.  Sometimes we just toss in extra things for the fun of it.  For example, I have not bought peanut butter in years.  Peanut Butter means throwing roasted peanuts in the blender, and thats it.

4. New Recipes.

Smoothies, pasta sauce, hot soup, salad dressings, nut butters, frappe coffees, unscorched cheese sauces, scrambled eggs (in the blender), batters, and the list goes on and on!

5. Fresh Ground Flours.

You can grind your own grains, beans and nuts in only a minute for gluten-free flour, cereals and breads.  You can also buy these products in bulk, grind large quantities, and store them in the refrigerator and the freezer.  The Vitamix comes container has blades designed for regular blending, and an extra container with blades designed for blending dry ingredients.

6. Cost.

I know, you’re thinking “The downside is the cost!”,  I disagree.  How many times have you stopped to buy something for dinner because you’ve got nothing in the house?  I can almost guarantee you that you can plan a dinner with the Vitamix with what you’ve got in your house right now.  The number of sauces alone is amazing.  Throw it in, blend, cook pasta or potatoes, add some veggies and you have dinner. 
Additionally, you’ll never buy a smoothie again.  Lots of cost savings there. Fruits and vegetables get used up, not thrown out.  And the savings in grinding your own gluten-free products is substantial.
So yes, I would say that the cost pays for itself over and over  again.

7. Freedom.

I’ve made several meals in less than 15 minutes because of the Vitamix. More time for me, friends, and family.

8. Environment.

Less waste, fewer chemicals, and more of your fruits and vegetables used.

9. Sleeping.

Research concludes that eating healthier leads to longer, more restful sleep.  Incorporating more vegetables, whole grains, beans and fresh fruits, while eliminating some of the sodium and food additives that are in processed foods will all help achieve this.

10. Fun.

I love blending with the Vitamix.  Seeing how this machine can pulverize any food you put into it, is definitely fun.  I never get tired of using the tamper to push some difficult foods down to the bottom, then see them almost immediately turn into a blend.